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In 2017, bankruptcy proceedings were opened against the debtor at the request of the bankruptcy creditor, whose claims made up more than 90% of the register of creditor`s claims.

After including the claim of an independent creditor, whose interests are represented by LEXRUS lawyers, the current situation in the bankruptcy case was analyzed and it was established that this bankruptcy is controlled by the debtor’s beneficiaries through an affiliated bankruptcy trustee and an affiliated majority bankruptcy creditor.

The result of the work:

  1. All transactions of the affiliated majority bankruptcy creditor were challenged, as a result of which it was excluded from the register of creditor`s claims.
  2. The debtor’s beneficiaries controlling the bankruptcy procedure was held vicariously liable.
  3. The affiliated bankruptcy trustee was not only suspended from performing his duties, but also losses in the amount of 25 million rubles were collected from him.


All judicial acts entered into legal force after passing the appeal and cassation instances.

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